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Five WhatsApp hacks you should know

Five WhatsApp hacks you should know

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most downloaded applications on Play Store or App Store. Currently, the app boasts a user base of over a billion as per the reports from last year. The instant messaging app is aggressively pushing out updates and features after it was taken over by Facebook.

Here are a few useful WhatsApp tips and tricks that can change your messaging experience.

Keep your chats invisible

One can save/hide chats within the app by archiving them.  To access this option, go to the chats section, tap and hold on the chat you need to archive. Once the chat is selected, a button with down-arrow will appear on the top left screen, tap that and the chat will get archived. To access the archived chats, you can scroll down to the end of the Chats page and click on the 'Archived chats'.

Doodle on images

WhatsApp recently started offering features similar to that of Snapchat. Before sending any picture, the user can doodle, use various stickers, overlay text or crop the image before sending. 

Highlight texts

This new feature comes in handy in group chats and even long threads of texts. The user can highlight texts by selecting the text and clicking on the arrow on the top right of the screen.

Tag people within groups

Considering that many people use WhatsApp groups for personal and professional work, this feature is gaining popularity among users. Similar to Facebook, one can easily tag a Whatsapp group member in their message using the '@' symbol before writing their name.

Mute Individual/Group chats

Ever got tired of constant WhatsApp notifications? This feature can mute conversations for a specific duration. The user just has to tap and hold the specific chat and click on the Mute button on top of the screen. A pop-up will ask you to choose between three time-options, eight hours, one week or one year.

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