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Google Play Store gets a ‘Free App of the Week’ section

Google Play Store gets a ‘Free App of the Week’ section

Google has now added a new section in its Play Store app marketplace. The new section is called the ‘Free app of the week’ and will now highlight one free app every week. One detail to note is that the new free apps section only appears the US storefront for now.

As pointed out by Android Police, accessing the Free Apps section is fairly simple. If you are on your desktop, simply point your browser to the Google Play Store and then click on the Apps section. Once in there scroll down right to the very bottom (Yes, its an odd place to showcase something that’s up for free) to find the ‘free app section”.

If you are on your smartphone, simply tap on the Play Store icon and then scroll down to the same section.

The section is expected to feature a free app every week. This week’s free app, is Card Wars – Adventure Time by Cartoon Network.

The Free App feature has just been introduced and this comes after Google recently started testing new sale features on the developer console. The apps can now be free for a maximum of 8 days and only once in 30 days. While this will bring about a substantial rise in the number of downloads or installs for the said app, Google is playing fair here as free downloads don’t show up in the developer console as buyers and the app won’t be listed on any top paid lists during the sale.

In comparison, iOS has been offering one free app per week since 2012. Apple had introduced the section to give more visibility to apps. Apple developers have been allowed to change their pricing from free to paid and back, to paid. From March 2016, Google allowed select publishers to temporarily drop their prices to free, an important tool for promoting downloads.

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