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Magento 1 vs Magento 2, Why upgrade to Magento 2?

Latest Magento 2 has many new improved features and developer tools. Magento 2 architecture is different than all other previous versions. The major improvements announced in Magento 2 Release Candidate are:
  • Performance Enhancement
  • User-friendly Approach
  • Framework Improvements
  • Quality extensions for Magento 2
  • Quarterly platform updates
  • Streamlined checkout
  • Trendy Technologies
  • New shopper experience features

Here we have made analysis on changes and improvement in Magento 2 and listed them below.

Improved Performance

Magento 2 officially supports the latest PHP versions including PHP 7. Performance is the main issue that all online store owners facing. Magento 2 performs much better than older version magento 1. PHP 7 is strongly recommended for building magento website. Magento 2 has the ability to use Varnish caching out of the box, so store owners will not have to install a third party’s module.

Admin Panel

Magento 2 has more user friendly and intuitive admin panel compared to magento 1. The modern admin panel allows you to easily navigate all parts from it. Now uploading new products is easier with the product creation tool and you can also link product videos with the images. Product data import process has been improved and becomes faster than before. In marketing section you will find all tools like Promotions, User Content, Communications, SEO & Search. Using data migration tool, you can transfer your Magento 1 data to Magento 2 faster.

SEO and Security

1. Strengthened hashing algorithms (SHA-256) for passwords.
2. Rich snippets on the catalog pages allow to improve search result look in search engines. However, we’ve improved the default functionality with our Magento 2 Rich Snippets extension.
3. SEO tool is provided in magento 2 for better website optimization.

If you are planning to create new website then you should go with magento 2 as it will be easy in website designing.

Magento will continue the support for Magento 1. There is no urgency in upgrading Magento 1.x version sites to Magento 2.0 but long-term architectural plans need to include this upgrade when creating the road map. To build online store you can hire magento developer australia or magento company australia.

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